BITSoM is leveraging technology to create a delightful campus experience

BITSoM is a modern business school in Mumbai, affiliated to BITS Pilani. It offers a two-year residential MBA program, focusing on a future-oriented curriculum and transformative experiences. Embracing the legacy of excellence and entrepreneurship, BITSoM aims to cultivate adaptable graduates for the dynamic business world.


BITS School of Management partnered with Digiicampus for a seamless digital experience, elevating student life, increasing administrative efficiency, and automating vital academic and administrative functions.


Meals Automated


Student Attendance Recorded


Requests resolved On-Campus Services

Key Areas of Digitisation

Streamlined Admissions

BITSoM modernized admissions with Digii’s automated admission module for seamless application, document verification, and real-time updates. Integration with Meritto (NoPaperForms) ensures a tech-driven journey from form submission to completion.

Digital Fee Management 

The fee management module on Digii offers convenient online fee collection with integrated payment gateways, simplified reconciliation, and a unified dashboard, benefiting students and administrators in handling payments efficiently from any location.

Optimized Mess Operations

Through automated mess management and secure OTP system, BITSoM ensures queue-free on-campus meals, automating 60,000 meals, reducing wastage, enabling meal tracking, and enhancing efficiency with Digiicampus.

Campus Workflow Automation

The institution streamlines operations using Digiicampus’ Campus Help Center, enhancing efficiency with 1000+ automated workflows, reducing resolution time, and promoting collaboration across departments for higher student satisfaction.

Digital Engagement with Campus Feed

The platform’s campus social network facilitates easy sharing of news and updates, promoting seamless digital engagement for students and stakeholders. It encourages interaction and feedback gathering through polls, quizzes, questions, and event organization.
New-age learning and campus experience need new-age technology. Hence, we are rightly partnered with Digii to provide our students with an innovative digital campus experience like never before, which will empower them in their educational journey.
Pravin Kumar
Chief Technology Officer, BITSoM
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