Unlocking Digital Dividend at Higher Education Institutions

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India as a knowledge economy, building a strong ecosystem around education, skills and research along with digital transformation must remain its top priority. Digital transformation is rapidly reshaping the education landscape and its importance cannot be overstated. In an increasingly interconnected and technology-driven world, higher education institutions have been enthusiastically becoming digital campuses and transforming the learning, teaching and overall campus experience.

Hence, our Flagship Summit Digii100 will recognise and celebrate the Top 100 higher education institutions at the forefront of digital transformation. The summit is also conceptualised to discuss, assess and inspire institutions to adopt the digital transformation framework.

The key theme for this year’s Digii100 is Unlocking Digital Dividend at Higher Education Institutions. The summit will highlight the comprehensive digital transformation framework and how it is being implemented to boost administration, learning and campus experience.

The summit will bring together thought leaders from academia and industry, policy makers, and top tech companies to discuss the bottlenecks, user pain points, success stories from some of the top institutions and much more.

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Recognising The Top 100 Higher Ed pioneering Digital Transformation

Nomination Criteria & Process for Higher Educational Institutions

Are you a digital-first institution? Is technology making its impact on your campus? Are you providing a seamless digital experience to all your stakeholders? If yes, think no more. Apply now to win your spot in the Top 100 digitised HEIs. Share your success story with the higher education community and the world of technology.

100 institutions will be selected based on the digital transformation framework being designed and approved by a set of academic, technology and policy leaders. The nomination will be kept open to all higher education institutions, without any preference.

Digital Transformation Framework

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