Why Should Student Data Privacy & Security Matter to Higher Education Institutions?

Data of every individual is valuable, and it has to be safeguarded from potential threats. In the present age, technology has been used extensively in higher education institutions. From managing processes on paper to using advanced analytic tools and dashboards, it has helped education institutions come a long way. Although beneficial for better management and operations, the use of technology makes student data vulnerable to cybercrimes and fraudulent activities.

Let’s take a look at some of the most important reasons why higher education institutions need to keep their students’ data protected and secured.

Student data consisting of information regarding personal details, fee records, attendance, grades, health, and discipline records are collected for various campus management processes.

Higher education institutions should be concerned about protecting this data because it’s vulnerable to potential security threats. Here are 5 such security threats:

  • Intrusion
  • Manipulation and Spamming
  • Life Risk/Future Risks
  • Destroy Administrative and Managerial Procedures
  • Reputational & Financial Damage

1. Intrusion

The student database has information about not only the students but also the parents. The data also includes the academic performance and grades of each student. If this data is not appropriately secured, people can change the grades of the students and manipulate other administrative tasks.

2. Manipulation and Spamming

Sensitive student data such as test scores, exam grades, personal information along with non-academic data such as fees & payment dues can be easily manipulated. The data, when hacked into, can cause irreparable damage or serious loss to parents, teachers, and students alike. Moreover, this data can be misused and even sold for a hefty sum of money in black markets.

3. Life Risk/Future Risks

The students’ personal data, such as full name, permanent address, Aadhaar card number, and even date of birth, can be used by hackers for unethical activities at any point in time. Some of these activities can lead to the kidnapping of the child, false information being provided to students, parents, and staff, or tracking the home address to conduct nefarious activities. All these are potential risks to life.

4. Destroy Administrative and Managerial Procedures

The database plays a key role in terms of the efficiency and robustness of the institution’s administrative and managerial duties. If this data is hacked, the streamlined processes used for the smooth functioning of the educational institution can be destroyed. Recovering lost data and setting up the processes again will require time, money, and resource investments.

5. Reputational & Financial Damage

A single breach in student database management can harm the reputation of the institution. Parents will find it difficult to trust an institution that couldn’t protect their childrens’ confidential data. Moreover, the educational institution has to bear the cost of data lost or stolen.

How can CollPoll help maintain data security and guarantee student’s privacy?

Some of the ways CollPoll helps tackle these potential challenges in student data management are

1. Cloud-Hosted Campus Management Software Providing Role-Based Access to Data

Cloud technology in education means data is stored on the cloud. This eliminates the risks of onsite dangers and data threats. Only a few people with authorised login credentials can access the system.

CollPoll’s cloud-hosted campus management software enables higher education institutions to provide role-based access to staff and faculty members, thus eliminating the chances of data being mishandled or mismanaged. Additionally, the management can monitor all the logins and logouts of the campus with just a few clicks.

2. Safe & Secure Process to Schedule, Organize & Grade Exams

We have established the fact that CollPoll provides only role-based access. The management has complete control over every bit of the data for safe, secure, and smooth campus management. However, only a few people (faculty, students, and parents) with appropriate login details are given access to a limited portion of the software, depending on their role. This means CollPoll’s examination management system is accessible to only a few authorised people, thus eliminating the risk of manipulation of student data such as grades, marks, and other sensitive information.

3. Multiple Layers of Security and Encryption of Passwords

CollPoll’s secured cloud-based campus management software uses multiple layers of security and strong encryption to keep the data safe from potential manipulators and from online dangers and threats.

Campus management software is getting universal inclusion in higher educational institutions. This not only ensures data security but also reduces paperwork, manual errors, and saves time. With its inbuilt mechanisms that help protect crucial information while providing only role-based access to the system, CollPoll can help in keeping the student data private and confidential, providing ultimate data security to institutions

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