Welcoming Nishant Varshney to CollPoll as AVP – South India

The team culture is built by the people and when the right people come together, wonders happen. We sat with one of our amazing new peers Nishant Varshney to have a real talk on his journey and to know his thoughts on joining CollPoll.

About Nishant Varshney!

Nishant has joined CollPoll as AVP for the South India region. He has hands-on experience of 10+ years and was previously associated with Ashok Leyland as the Area Manager. He received the Best Outgoing GET 2012 Award and has worked in various sales & marketing related verticals.

Nishant is skilled in B2B & B2C sales and marketing, key account management, managing channels partners, new product development, manufacturing operations, and people management.

How do you feel about joining CollPoll?

This step is definitely a big change for me. I am quite excited given this opportunity and I look forward to greater collaboration, a mix of expertise & leadership, and working with innovative mindsets.

Please brief us more about your new role?

I am joining CollPoll as AVP for the South India region and will be taking care of the southern 5 states. The focus will be to work towards growth and sales, expand the business reach, and get more customers on board.

What made you shift from the automotive industry to the software-based industry?

It has been almost 10+ years working in the automotive industry – Ashok Leyland. The aim there was to cover different domains, from operations to new product development and sales. And I received a good exposure working in the automotive industry. However, now I want to look out at the world outside and I believe this opportunity lies at CollPoll.

Nishant says, “Sky is the limit for CollPoll”.

CollPoll is an early startup with a long way of growth and success ahead of it and I want to be a part of this amazing journey. This will not only help me to upskill myself but also help in unlearn & learning a lot of new things.

You could have gone for any other automobile company then what made you choose a SaaS-based organization?

If you are working in an automotive industry there are many competitions and limited options that basically involve doing the same job, limiting the skills and learning opportunities. Looking from the skill point of view, CollPoll being a SaaS-based organization is a big ocean that I haven’t yet explored. And I look forward to deep diving into it!


Welcoming Nishant Varshney to CollPoll as AVP - South India


What are your expectations from joining a startup?

I have been a part of a small world and a SaaS-based company working in the education sector is a growing field. Education has been an essential part of our lives and will continue to remain so in the future and I want to be a part of it, learn and unlearn things and serve people better.

What are the biggest challenges and opportunities you see in the higher education sector of India?

In India, technology hasn’t been yet fully explored in the education sector. There is huge scope available for discovering technology to make operations in higher education institutions a lot easier. This will help administration, students, staff (faculty/non-faculty), and parents to handle processes in a more efficient manner and will help to build a better future.

What are the hobbies that stayed with you in your professional journey and you would like to continue moving forward?

As a Salesperson, travelling has always been a part of my day-to-day job. I enjoy travelling, driving, and exploring new places. Basically, the idea is to gain experiences and discover new things. I’ll say, I am more of a traveller than a tourist.

What is your vision for CollPoll?

Given the current situation, the scope, opportunities available in the market, and the way technology is evolving each day, I see a bright vision for CollPoll. The institutions and universities are now open to simplifying processes using technology and CollPoll is the right technology partner to take the idea forward. With the current growing team and workplace culture, I believe the company can achieve a lot more in the future.

To succeed, organizations need to constantly innovate and evolve to stay on the cutting edge. This becomes possible only if team members contribute to the company’s success with a positive mindset. A team member like Nishant is a boon in disguise. And CollPoll looks forward to reaching greater heights together!

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