Transformation of Malla Reddy University Into a Smart Campus Using CollPoll

The higher education sector is in the middle of a digital revolution, and the rapid progression of the digital world is having a profound effect on institutions. Institutions today, expect a more intuitive process that improves student and faculty experiences, reduces administrative workload, facilitates communication among stakeholders, and enhances learning outcomes.

As a digitally transforming institution, Malla Reddy University, Hyderabad serves the needs of the higher education system by addressing existing challenges and improving academic and administrative efficiency. Established in 2020,  Malla Reddy University is sponsored by Malla Reddy Educational Society (MRES), one of the units of the Malla Reddy Group of Institutions. The university offers programs including new-age technologies and innovative curricula to educate students to deal with the current developing world; and a wide array of courses covering engineering, agriculture, allied health sciences, management, and Ph. D, among others.

Malla Reddy University holds a prospective plan to grow into a centre of excellence through new initiatives – by creating world-class infrastructure, developing innovative programs, recruiting well-qualified and trained faculty, promoting talent, and nurturing research and innovation, among others.

CollPoll Team Visits Malla Reddy University, Hyderabad

CollPoll team at Malla Reddy University, Hyderabad with Praveen Kumar Reddy (Director)

As it becomes more prevalent for higher education institutions to make a digital transition, Malla Reddy University plans to implement some innovative solutions provided by CollPoll to deal with the arising issues such as complexity and compliance while delivering a seamless user experience.

Digitized Master Data Management

Malla Reddy University adopted CollPoll’s dynamic Master data Management module to offer greater flexibility to administrators in managing the institution’s entire data Administrators can add and manage complete academic and non-academic records such as departments, programmes, terms, specialisations, courses, curricula etc. quickly without any extra effort.

NEP-compliant Academic Management System

Rather than spending time working on manual tasks, CollPoll strives to ensure that faculty members spend most of their time teaching and conducting research. This could be achieved with a well-planned academic management process. 

Malla Reddy University adopted CollPoll's Academic Management System (AMS)

CollPoll enables admins to manage terms, curriculums, courses, specialisations etc. and gives faculty flexibility to handle choice-based course registration, create online timetables, manage attendance, assessments and more. More than 2000 classes have been created in the university using CollPoll’s AMS.

Improving Student Learning Experience Using CollPoll’s Classroom LMS

CollPoll’s Learning Management System is enabling the faculty of Malla Reddy University to plan and create lessons, track student progress, take attendance (including historical attendance data), share learning resources etc. while also allowing students to attend online classes from anywhere, take quizzes, submit assignments, and more!

Admission & Fees Management

With CollPoll’s Admission module and NoPaperForms (NPF) integration, processes are completely digitized so that the students experience a seamless digital and smart campus environment from day one. From the subsequent steps of filling admission form to making payments, the whole process is performed on our digital platform.

Malla Reddy University adopted CollPoll's Time Table Management to enhance campus experience

Additionally, students can easily submit their payments from anywhere and finance administrators can perform various functions like – setting up fee plans, and penalty plans, creating and tracking scholarships, integrating payment gateway (EasyPay), managing dues collection and more.

Inspiring Institutions to Embrace Technology & Transform Digitally

Malla Reddy University is a progressive institution that focuses on imparting value-based futuristic higher education to students and a seamless experience for all stakeholders. With constant support from the university’s leadership and administrative team, the CollPoll team was able to successfully implement the AMS module within the campus in a record of one week.

CollPoll Implementation in Malla Reddy University

CollPoll Implementation Session in Malla Reddy University

Furthermore, the university looks forward to adapting more methods toward digital transformation including Biometric Integration for faculty attendance, Hostel Allotment, and more functions of Fees Management.

CollPoll Digital Campus For Better Campus Experience!

CollPoll Digital Campus is a comprehensive suite of 40+ technologies offering a web and mobile-based campus automation, digital learning and analytics platform, designed to address the rising complexity, competition, and digital compliance through a complete digital transformation of higher education institutions.

The objective is to empower students, faculty and staff, among other stakeholders, enable management to make informed decisions, improve the student experience on campus as well as keep parents informed and updated on key activities happening in the institution.

The ease of operations and availability of entire academic and non-academic activities on a single online platform boosts student engagement, reduces the workload for staff and administrators, and enhances user experience. Thus, it is critical for higher education institutions that are yet not accustomed to using technology daily to adopt one and provide a smart digital experience.

CollPoll is proud to be a partner to institutions like Malla Reddy University that strive to create seamless and comfortable experiences for their students, staff, admins, and stakeholders, and we’re glad to help foster those changes.

If you want your campus to be digital too, contact us now!


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