Make Campus Operations Contactless with CollPoll’s “Safe Campus” Initiative

One of the primary challenges faced by educational campuses due to the COVID-19 pandemic was managing manual processes and physical operations on campus. The work for contactless technology for higher institutions was already in progress before the pandemic. However, the pandemic expedited implementation. These digital technologies have helped campuses adapt during the pandemic to ensure the safety of the student and staff and aim to support them into the future.

CollPoll’s “Back to Safe Campus” initiative partnered with Amazon Web Services allows students to actively be a part of learning and social interactions on campus in a completely safe way. Not only it promotes safety through reducing physical contact but is more secure from a data and security standpoint, as well. Additionally, such technology provides many benefits resulting from digitizing processes – increasing the speed of service, generating useful data, and integrating systems.


Make Campus Operations Contactless with CollPoll’s “Safe Campus” Initiative


You can use this feature to become – a paperless, transactionless, and contactless campus with CollPoll by automating multiple business workflows.

  • 20+ Ready Made Self Services

We offer web and mobile-based digital learning, campus automation, and an analytics platform that streamlines the complex operations and functions that run today’s modern campuses. Our “Back to Safe Campus” initiative brings about 20+ ready made self service portals.

Through CollPoll’s Campus Help Center, you can reduce physical operations by automating workflows such as transportation, IT help desk, Shuttle Booking, Gate Pass requests, No Dues process, Venue Booking, among others. You can easily design workflow, define actions, request, manage, and track approvals, and issue certificates such as Bonafide, Character, Residential, etc. through our automation modules.

  • Hostel Management

The hostel management system is developed specifically for the hostel staff to manage different processes in the hostel in a more efficient manner. Right from managing hostel data to allotments, checkouts, attendance, and automation of services such as housekeeping, maintenance and repair, IT support enhance students’ experience.

The module allows you to easily create hostel infrastructure on CollPoll,define rooms, make allotments, support biometric integration, and provide a unified payment system with both offline and online payment modes.

  • Mess/Canteen Automation

To automate the entire mess/canteen process, institutions have to configure all the canteens that are present on the campus. With CollPoll’s Mess and Canteen Management module, campuses can seamlessly automate meals to bring in more efficiency, save food and reduce vendor costs.

You can avail the services of – vendor management to create different vendors, map them to respective mess, and publish menu on daily bases; meal availment management to generate  QR code-based digital coupons for students to avail their meals; reports generation for accessing and tracking meal-based reports; and feedback collection to improve the student experience.

  • Digital Help Desk

This feature is essentially a digital version of a real-life help desk. It helps you to deliver personalized support for all things digitally while providing easy-to-use solutions.

With CollPoll’s Campus Help Centre module, students can raise grievances and complaints to ensure anti-ragging culture and get support in case of sexual harassment and counselling. Admins have complete visibility of  Pending, Ongoing and Completed requests and can take actions accordingly.

The “Contactless Operations” module developed by CollPoll aims at helping students and staff get all the facilities in a safe way while preserving and encouraging the vibrancy of campus life.

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