CollPoll Analytics for Better Decision Making

The pedagogical decisions made in the education sector to measure a student’s understanding have the greatest impact on the rate of progress and student learning experience. If high-quality instructions are taken, it might help in reducing the time a student takes to learn the material, allow them to acquire more knowledge/information, and make better decisions. The question is – how can one take such decisions?

Here’s where Analytics comes into play!

Analytics is everywhere. Leaders in most higher education institutions understand that when they have timely access to the right reports and data, they can easily achieve trusted insights to transform curriculums, programs, student experience and more. They recognize that using advanced analytics can significantly modify the way an institution is being run by enabling modern ways to increase student enrollment, engage with current and prospective students, and even boost faculty productivity and research.

Role of “Analytics” in the Higher Education Sector!

Artificial Intelligence and Analytics, is extensively being used to revolutionize the education sector. Insights from these analytics bring in new opportunities to enhance the academic processes by helping academicians and administrators make smarter decisions that can positively impact the experience of students and the faculty.

“An educational system powered by analytics offers a goldmine of data.”


Leverage Collpoll Analytics To Drive Better Decision Making & Enhance The Learning Experience


Using CollPoll Analytics to Improve Decision Making

Accessing and integrating data across several platforms can be a bit tedious task. However, CollPoll’s Analytics can help your institution in gaining expertise by tracking student data, getting hold of the teaching methods that work, and looking out for any area of improvement. It brings everything on a single dashboard and gives access to information that is valuable for making key decisions.

Let’s know-how!

  • Macro-Level Transparency of Institution

Administrators can leverage technological tools to manage and track large amounts of data without feeling overwhelmed. CollPoll Analytics allows the administrators and management to view the number of departments in the institution, the total number of programmes/courses, students enrolled in each course/programme, detailed faculty information, and more. The admins can also view students, faculty, and other staff, and filter the data based on years and specialisation. This thus offers an overview of the institution’s key data, with an easy option to download reports.

  • Single Dashboard to Track Admissions, Fees & Dues Status

The Fee Management portal enables you to perform an array of payment processing functions. It allows easy tracking of fee collection at the programme, department, and student level. Besides this, you can also administer scholarships and dues collection using a single dashboard.

The data on the Admission portal gives accessibility to the number of applications, approved forms, verified documents, and the total number of registered students.

  • Bird’s Eye View on the Academic Progress

With a large amount of student data handy, administrators get opportunities to boost student retention. CollPoll Analytics enables you to view the number of courses offered, ongoing, and scheduled classes in a particular day or a term and the course progress. Hence, it creates the opportunity for both faculty and administrators to keep an eye on the overall class data and performance.

The comprehensive class attendance analytics feature allows institutions to make strategic decisions. Using this feature, you can easily access attendance reports for each department, check the active faculty members, take a look into the number of classes held and cancelled, and also the attendance for each student. Additionally, the data analytics gives the flexibility to manage assignments by collecting the student data (mapping total assignments and submissions) and displaying it on the CollPoll application.

  • View Examination Reports with Ease

Using CollPoll’s Analytics (Examination Management System), you can generate student scheduled customized reports based on roll number or other details; and access, verify, or publish – statements of marks, tabulation, and consolidated reports.

  • Get Insights into Students Success in Placements

CollPoll allows avoiding the pitfall of gathering too much data by limiting the focus to important points. It allows the admin and staff to get insights into students progress and achievements. Using the placement feature gives the flexibility to check the number of companies that visited the campus, total jobs created, and offered to the students, and more.

  • Monitor Administrative Efficiency

CollPoll improves administrative efficiency by analyzing student behaviour using their data and helps in implementing predictive analytics. By using the Campus Help Center, you can customize end to end workflow, request, manage, and track approvals, act on grievances and complaints, issue certificates and documents, and enable students to access various services by putting up requests.

The CollPoll dashboard allows you to check the number of requests raised, pending, and resolved for every student/staff for a particular date and time. Additionally, you can track the average time being taken to resolve students’ requests and based on the same, increase the efficiency to serve the students better over a period of time.

  • Keep a check on “What’s Happening in the Institution”

With technology profoundly affecting every aspect of our lives, progressive institutions have begun to innovate and transform the way they engage with students. Using CollPoll’s Analytics, you get insights into the institutions, that can be accessed by management or senior administrators at any point in time. This includes – events, feedback, e-notices, and other important news/updates.

Moreover, this feature helps administrators get a clear idea of the level of engagement on the campus. It also allows them to compare engagement between two different periods and take actions accordingly.

CollPoll Analytics for the Future of Higher Institutions

CollPoll’s analytics features can help you, access student, & faculty reports, gain insights that provide opportunities to optimize student performance through a simple modification, customized reports, and track their performance. We support institutions to augment, nurture, and amplify the campus experience.

If you want to turn data into action, request a demo now!

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