Hybrid Learning: Way Ahead for HEIs

During the COVID-19 pandemic, the education system was affected significantly. According to a survey, over 1.2 billion children across 186 countries faced disruption in their learning due to school closure and lockdown. In India alone, around 35 crore students and 1.08 crore teachers from 15 lakh schools, 41,901 colleges, 1,028 universities, and 10,726 standalone institutes couldn’t attend classes. This forced HEIs to come up with a new approach in terms of how they operate.

The challenge pushed educators, parents, and students into a tech-based learning landscape, and they started using cutting-edge technology and innovative techniques for seamless and interactive learning.

While many waited to return to the physical classrooms, others preferred the continuation of online education. Hence, universities and institutes adopted a blended approach, called hybrid learning. After evaluating the best way to leverage technology to create future-ready classrooms, educational institutions are now putting in the best efforts to achieve high standards of hybrid learning, which enables students to learn from teachers in classrooms as well as at home.


An Overview of Hybrid Learning

In a nutshell, the meaning of hybrid education is providing a blend of online and classroom-based education. It is a flexible learning system where remote and in-person classes coexist. Although this new way of teaching-learning was introduced during the lockdown, it will continue to work even after the pandemic.

There are students who can’t go to college because of an injury or illness or are unable to attend classes due to some problems. Also, some students are good at learning in person and prefer social interactions with their classmates. They want to be in class as long as it is safe. The hybrid learning model is a perfect solution for all these learners, allowing them to access their classes as they want.


Advantages of Hybrid Learning Approach

  • With a significant drop in corona cases, HEIs are trying to get back to normal. However, there is still some level of uncertainty. Hence, making hybrid learning an ideal model with its multiple approaches. It combines online resources and traditional classrooms thereby, ensuring constant interactions and quality learning.
  • Thanks to this shift, teachers can now maintain a proper work-life balance, deliver insightful instructions, and enhance their efficiency. They have a more conducive environment for teaching sessions, leading to better outcomes.
  • The hybrid learning model bridges the gap between online learning and traditional in-person classes with robust Classroom Management Software. This centralized control panel involves all the students in teaching sessions and ensures that the devices used by them get instant access to virtual classes. Its advanced classroom management features keep learners focused and streamline operations for teachers.


NEP and Impact of Technology-based Learning

No lockdown or pandemic can restrict education. Hence, the government is making all the efforts for a flexible learning model, which is evident in New Education Policy 2020. Moreover, private colleges and institutions are also adopting the new tech-based teaching-learning method. Hybrid learning allows students with different capabilities to learn without disruptions and teachers can train and assess more creatively.



When we talk about hybrid learning meaning, it’s not only about promoting new-age virtual classrooms using smartphones or laptops. But, it goes beyond that and makes learning accessible to every student, irrespective of their location and situation. Whether they want to attend in-person classes or prefer taking sessions at home, it ensures that learning never stops.

For uninterrupted learning of your students, you need an efficient learning management system. CollPoll combines all the key features for online learning in one central platform and helps HEIs deliver seamless learning experiences to students.

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