Dr. G.K. Prabhu and team CollPoll talk about ideas to enhance the learning environment at MIT

Here’s the second part of our discussion with Dr. G.K. Prabhu highlighting the role of CollPoll on campus and his valuable inputs to make the platform better.

Dr GK Prabhu

Dr GK Prabhu

Sir, talking about CollPoll, it will be an interactive platform to connect the entire campus, so what are your expectations from the product?

My expectations from CollPoll are very simple. To begin with, today when I have to    communicate with my students on social media, there are many people there other than my students for whom these posts do not hold much significance.  So, tomorrow if I want to post something exclusively about my campus, definitely I will want only my students to know about it. CollPoll must prove itself to be such a platform for me where I can communicate with my students as well as receive their feedback. Suppose I want to have a covered pathway in the campus, or I want to invite certain people in the diamond jubilee celebration, knowing my students’ opinion is very important in this regard. Conducting Polls through the app will be easy for these kinds of communications. So, I expect CollPoll to constantly keep me connected with my students. Secondly, I expect CollPoll to help us manage the academic-finance related data and help notify students about matter related to this, as and when required.

 Sir, according to you, to what extent will CollPoll be able to transform the campus of MIT into a technology empowered one?

Let’s discuss this with the help of a very common example. Suppose if the students have to clear their dues they need to run around to get information about the procedure involved. I think these types of inconveniences can be totally avoided as CollPoll will supply the information at your fingertips. We will provide proper backend support, and I feel that with this CollPoll will be able to make our lives much easier. Moreover, when it comes to flow of information, the kind of flexibility the app possesses will certainly  save a lot of time and give students and faculty members comfort to dedicate themselves to more productive work.

How much do you think, you are going to use CollPoll in terms of interacting with your students?

I would be very happy to actively use the app to participate in discussions, post things etc. I am also sure about the fact that when I start using the app, many people will come forward and would like to interact with me.

Lastly, what are the features which you would want us to incorporate in the app, which you think will help in making campus life better at MIT?

CollPoll should be easy to use for faculty members too since a lot of data related to academics will flow through the app. CollPoll should be apt in handling all kinds of queries and making technology available for handling academic evaluation, finances, dues and ultimately should act as an active communication platform. Also, once all of us start using the app actively, we can give team CollPoll better feedback about the requirements of the students and faculty members.

Thank You Sir, for your valuable time. We will definitely work according to your feedback to make learning and teaching on MIT campus, an experience worth remembering.

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