Digital Transformation of Baba Farid Group of Institutions Using CollPoll

The value of technology to higher education institutions is extending beyond productivity while enhancing learning, collaboration, and decision-making. Today, institutions expect more seamless processes to improve student and faculty experiences, reduce administrative workload, facilitate better communication within the campus, and enhance teaching-learning outcomes.

As a technology-driven institution, Baba Farid Group of Institutions focuses on providing practical platforms to students to promote research & development, employability, skill development and entrepreneurship. Incepted in the year 1994 and located in Punjab, the institution is one of the most prominent education hubs in India associated with almost all the major industry bodies like FICCI, CII, NSDC, ASSOCHAM, PHD Chamber of Commerce, AIMA, NASSCOM, among others.


CollPoll team meets leadership team of Baba Farid Group of Institutions

CollPoll team with senior leaders of the institute at Baba Farid Group of Institutions, Punjab

The institution delivers a deep, well-rounded education and the applied real-world skills necessary to achieve academic and career success by offering a wide range of courses including Zoology, Geography, Information Technology, Political Science, various under-graduation & post-graduation courses, PG Diploma, and more.

The technologically-equipped campus of Baba Farid Group of Institutions ensures students’ exposure to the latest technologies, regular faculty development programs, global internship programs, and more. The institution aims to emerge as a renowned university at the national level by achieving academic excellence through a flexible curriculum and developing a vibrant knowledge society with the capacity to meet present-day challenges.

NEP-compliant Academic Management System

CollPoll encourages faculty members to spend more time on teaching and research rather than on manual tasks. And this, along with recommendations of the New Education Policy, could only be achieved with a well-planned academic management system.

Thus, CollPoll’s NEP-compliant AMS Module allows administrators to manage terms, curriculums, courses, and specializations and gives faculty flexibility to handle choice-based registration, create online timetables, manage absences, assess grading, and more.


Key Outcomes of CollPoll Services Used at BFGI


Boosting Student Learning Experience Using CollPoll’s Classroom LMS

CollPoll’s Learning Management System is enabling the faculty of Baba Farid Group of Institutions to plan and create lessons, track student progress, share learning resources etc. while also allowing students to take quizzes, submit assignments, and more!

Moreover, taking online attendance has become easier with LMS. ERP Coordinators use the attendance exception settings wherein they can notify teachers and parents when students’ attendance falls below the threshold. They can further track student attendance and manage consolidated reports (both section-wise and program-wise reports).

Campus Workflow Automation

Baba Farid Group of Institutions has been managing its workflows quite efficiently with CollPoll’s Campus Help Center (CHC), which is a self-service portal where anyone can raise a request which goes directly to the relevant authorities. Services like issuing academic certificates or transcripts, and raising service requests among others, have been managed on the CollPoll platform.

Campus Feed To Boost Digital Engagement

A campus social network powered by CollPoll lets students share campus news and updates and enhances campus digital adaptability campus. Therefore, seamless collaboration and communication are ensured on-premises. In addition to sharing campus news and events, students also have the flexibility to create polls, and quizzes, and ask questions.

Digitally Transform Your Institution with CollPoll


Digitising Career Services to boost Student Success

The placement and internship module offered by CollPoll completely transformed Baba Farid Group of Institutions’ processes of campus hiring. Students can be informed of critical communication through the institution’s platform. Apart from applying for jobs and internships, students can also reject or accept job offers according to their preferences. The margin for error has been significantly reduced and the process has been expedited.

Student Centric Learning with OBE

CollPoll’s Outcome-based Education Module is enhancing the quality of education at BFGI by conducting regular evaluations, generating attainment reports, and mapping the student success rate with an automated system. The institution has so far incorporated Course Outcomes (CO), and Program Outcomes (PO), and mapped them to BT Levels (Bloom Taxonomy), among other metrics.

Transforming Institutions Through Technology

Baba Farid Group of Institutions (BFGI) provides high-quality higher education with a focus on value and a seamless experience for all stakeholders. The campus looked forward to adopting a single, user-friendly, and more scalable console for managing all campus operations. With constant support from Mr Manish Bansal, Vice Principal, the campus IT team, and the entire leadership and administrative departments, the CollPoll team was able to successfully implement the modules within the campus.

Furthermore, the institution looks forward to adapting more methods toward digital transformation including consolidated Fee Management, Transport Module, and our NAAC Module.

The CollPoll Digital Campus For Better Campus Experience!

CollPoll Digital Campus is a comprehensive suite of 40+ technologies offering a web and mobile-based campus automation, digital learning and analytics platform, designed to address the rising complexity, competition, and digital compliance through a complete digital transformation of higher education institutions. The objective is to empower institutions to make informed decisions, improve the student experience on campus, and keep parents informed and updated on key activities in the institution.

CollPoll is proud to partner with institutions like Baba Farid Group of Institutions that strive to provide seamless and comfortable experiences for students, staff, administrators, and stakeholders, and we’re glad to contribute to that change.

If you want your campus to be digital too, contact us now!

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