CollPoller Spotlight: Jayasankar V, Staff Engineer

A positive work environment comes from good leaders and hard-working team members. This not only brings success to the organization but also motivates teams to push themselves to greater heights. We sat with one of our amazing peers Jayasankar V, Staff Engineer at CollPoll. Jay has completed six wonderful years at CollPoll. His firm determination, dedication, and work ethics have led the teams to success paths. 

We connected with Jay to have a real talk on his journey and to know his thoughts on evolving education technology!

What have been your favorite moments at CollPoll?

I’ve been working at CollPoll for the past 6 years. And I’ve seen it all – from failures to challenges, and our amazing success stories. It has been an incredible journey! We started as a small team but grew together with our efforts and today we are planning every day – how to reach out to more educational institutions, help more students and staff, and automate more and more processes to benefit everyone in the education sector.

My best moments with the team have always been times when we travel, attend  different events, and get to spend more time together. Basically, I like it when we learn through adventures or by socializing with each other.


Team CollPoll


Could you share how you have evolved through the challenges you faced during this journey?

I believe strength and growth come only through continuous efforts and struggle. There have been both good and tough times at CollPoll. However, we’ve always learnt through them and have come out even stronger both as individuals and as a team. 

In our initial days as a startup, I used to stress over challenging situations. The first question was – how will we do it? However, the aim of digitally transforming education systems and motivating everyone to be a part of this process, helped me get through it. Not to mention, the entire CollPoll team has motivated me to do better and we have always faced challenges together!

What is one of the coolest things you’ve done?

I personally enjoy being part of activities like – playing games and running, etc. Before the pandemic hit the world, I used to participate in outdoor fun activities that took place in the city. Once, I participated in a 5-km long Marathon hosted by MI near Manyata Tech Park. The distance was so long that I thought covering it would be very difficult. However, I covered it in just 25-30 minutes.

I believe it’s our determination to do things that push us to keep going because nothing is too tough or impossible!

Some values of CollPoll you resonate with?

I feel teamwork, dedication, and unity are values that I abide by in my work life. Being an engineer, I need to understand the real problems of our clients, brainstorm ideas with my team to come up with solutions, and dedicate our time and efforts to executing them. I truly believe teamwork has helped us come so far at CollPoll. At the same time, the dedication that every person here shows towards their work and the unity of having each other’s back, no matter what the situation is, has been really inspiring.

The process of encouraging and praising each other, helping each other to learn and grow is the root of growth!

Here’s one of my favorite quotes:

“Our culture is friendly and intense, but if push comes to shove we’ll settle for intense”, by Jeff Bezos

How has your experience been while working from home?

The experience has been both spicy and nice! Working from home has given me many perks – more time to be with my family, a comfortable lifestyle, and easier to balance personal and professional space. However, I do miss being at the office. 

Being at the workplace gives us opportunities to connect better, discuss strategies in person, and even have smoother collaboration. So, although the work from home experience is good, I would always enjoy working with my team at the office!

Any message for the recent joiners or people who are looking to join us in future?

To everyone who is looking forward to joining us at CollPoll – you are very welcome! Don’t look at this place as an organization to work and earn, here you’ll get many opportunities to learn and grow. As a team, we will motivate and help you to learn more and enjoy your work rather than just doing it before deadlines. 

In 2017, I interviewed my fellow teammate for the role of an Android developer. However, he was more enthusiastic about backend technologies. So, we supported him with his interest in being a Backend developer. I believe it’s you who defines your path, while CollPoll gives you the opportunity.

“At CollPoll, you are free to evolve as you want.”

How is CollPoll evolving the EdTech world?

In the initial days, when we started CollPoll the Education sector was far behind technology, everything was done manually. So, we thought this is the place that needs the most development. So, why not bring a complete transformation here? 

That’s how we came into this digital transformation of education. Pushing the boundaries, automating all processes, and making it easier for students to learn and staff to work. Today, we have automated the processes for some of the top educational institutions of the country and we aim for more every day!

To succeed in the industry, organizations need to constantly innovate and evolve to stay on the cutting edge. This becomes possible only if team members contribute to the company’s success with a positive mindset. A team member like Jayasankar is a boon in disguise! With his constant hard work and analytical thinking, CollPoll has always attained remarkable results. We appreciate Jay’s efforts!

Want to join the CollPoll team? Explore our open positions or write to us at Stay tuned for more spotlights in the coming weeks!

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