What is ARIIA & Its Impact on HEIs?

What is ARIIA & Its Impact on HEIs?

India has shown significant growth in the past few years, emerging as a global innovation and standing as the world’s third-largest startup centre. However, there is still a huge scope for improvement. The youth of the nation and higher education institutions can play a key role in transforming India into a sustainable and innovative ecosystem. If every higher education institution has a functional mechanism for research and development, it can inspire, encourage, and nurture young minds. Hence, proving to be an opportunity for them to explore new ideas and translate them into something brilliant.

Taking a major step in this direction, the Ministry of Human Resource Development (MHRD) introduced ARIIA (Atal Ranking of Institutions on Innovation Achievements) in 2018. It is an attempt by the Government of India to make technical institutes the foundation of tech-driven startups by providing a vibrant entrepreneurial ecosystem.


What is ARIIA?

ARIIA or Atal Ranking of Institutions on Innovation Achievements is an initiation by the Ministry of Education to systematically rank all major higher educational institutions and universities in India. This national ranking system is based on different indicators related to “Innovation and Entrepreneurship Development.” These parameters are used globally to rank the top innovative HEIs, universities, and colleges around the world.

The idea behind ARIIA is to encourage Indian colleges and institutions to develop an innovation-oriented mindset and build a system that motivates research and entrepreneurship. The aim is to bring forth the institutes that focus on building a sustainable innovation ecosystem.


Features of ARIIA

  • The process and method to calculate ARIIA ranking cover all the crucial parameters, aspects, and indicators that are used globally to rank institutes for innovation outputs.
  • It also includes factors that are specific to the Indian education system, considering the current status and norms.
  • The ARIIA parameters are organized into seven broad categories, which are further divided into suitable sub-headings. Each broad indicator and sub-head has been assigned an appropriate weight.
  • The ranking system also identifies the relevant data required to measure the performance score for each sub-head, which ensures transparency. The focus is on collecting data that institutions can easily provide or gather from a third party, and it should be easily verifiable if needed. The final score is calculated according to the weightage assigned to every indicator or head.
  • The total score can reach the maximum value of 100.
  • The colleges are then ranked according to the score they have achieved.


Major Indicators in Consideration

ARIIA ranks are computed according to six primary parameters that have different weightage:

Indicators Weightage
Programs and Activities on IPR, Innovation, Start-up and Entrepreneurship 7.5
Pre Incubation & Incubation Infrastructure & Facilities to Support Innovation & Entrepreneurship (I&E) 7.5
Annual Budget Spent on Promoting and Supporting Innovation & Start-up funding, and Income & Expenditure Activities 13
Courses on Innovation, IPR and Entrepreneurship Development Offered by Institute 05
Intellectual Property (IP), Technology Transfer and Commercialization 32
Successful Innovation and Start-ups & Funding Innovation & Start-ups 35


Rank Categorisation

ARIIA college ranking includes two major categories for the classification of the institutes.

  1. Publicly Funded Institutions
    1. Institutes of National Importance, Central Universities and Centrally Funded Technical Institutes (CFTIS)
    2. State University & Deemed Universities (Government & Government Aided)
    3. Government and Government Aided College/Institutes
    4. Institutes Exclusively for Women (Only Government and Government Aided)
  2. Private or Self-Financed Institutions
    1. Private or Self-Financed Universities
    2. Private or Self-Financed College/Institutes



The above-listed categories and classifications indicate how meticulous the ARIIA ranking system is. Universities, colleges, and higher education institutions have to be thorough and careful while integrating innovation to climb high on the list and achieve the top ranks. And for this, you need a comprehensive academic solution that integrates business innovation and education seamlessly.

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