6 years of Collpoll…Many more to come!

It was a day for celebration, reflection, gratitude, and inspiration. It was a day to honour the past but also get energised for the future. CollPoll’s anniversary was everything we had hoped it would be and so much more!

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On August 5th, 2019, CollPoll celebrated the sixth anniversary of its founding. In the span of just six years, CollPoll has transformed from an innovative idea to a powerful platform that empowers higher educational institutions across the board. So much of its success is due to a core group of passionate individuals who not only believe in the product but also work hard to realise its potential. Hence, on Founding Day, we held a grand dinner party for all stakeholders who play a key role in CollPoll’s continued success.

The evening brought together board members, investors, advisors, employees, and well-wishers of the company to celebrate one another and CollPoll. Former IIM-B Director Dr. KRS Murthy, entrepreneur Moloy Banerjee, Group President, Manipal Education & Medical Group (MEMG) Subrat Mohanty, and more dignitaries attended the dinner. In between hearty laughs and engaging conversations, the evening was truly about camaraderie and friendships that had been formed along the way.

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CollPoll CEO Hemant Sahal, charted out CollPoll’s exciting journey so far and professed his gratitude to every person that had played a role in its growth and success. He also provided brief introductions of all attendees (including investors, employees and board members), so no one left the party a stranger. He also laid out an exciting roadmap for the future of CollPoll.

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Design Leader, Sanjeev Gupta, one of the founding members of CollPoll reflected on the company’s evolution noting, “When we started CollPoll, we were excited about what it could be. We had an idea and we thought it was innovative but we really were entering uncharted territory. Every win in the beginning, right from our first client, felt like a huge victory. Every positive feedback was a reason to celebrate. It has been such a fulfilling journey from trying to implement our fledgling ideas to actually watching them all turn a reality.”

 Turning dreams into reality. That’s the journey of CollPoll so far and that’s what we hope it continues to be for years to come!

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