An Overview of CollPoll’s Transportation Management System

With institutions undergoing a digital transformation, managing day-to-day transportation to/from campus has become one of the most important aspects to be available online. For students, campus buses are the most favoured and often-used mode of transportation.

Hence, CollPoll’s Transportation Management is a super useful tool that assists the institution’s administration, staff, students, and parents in keeping track of day-to-day transportation facilities. From editing and managing routes to administrators having the privilege to access entire student data, the module has a lot to offer!

Introducing CollPoll’s Transportation Management System

We understand how important a transportation management system is for higher education institutions. Thus, our transportation management module incorporates several features to enhance the overall campus experience and make it easier to track & manage transport routes, along with ensuring the safety of students and other stakeholders.


CollPoll’s Transportation Management System to enhance campus experience


Map Vehicles to Respective Routes

CollPoll’s Transportation Management System gives the administrators the ability to define route names, the capacity of the vehicle, and the amount of the transport deposit. While assigning routes to the institution for any programme and batch, the admins will have to define the following information:

  • Route Name
  • Total Capacity
  • Transport Deposit Amount

Administrators also get the flexibility to edit the student’s transportation details as and when required.

Set a Pickup Point

We empower the administrators to effortlessly manage the transportation facility of the institution. This boosts campus performance and delivers a positive student experience.

Using the module, administrators can easily manage:

  • Pickup points from the given locations
  • Set a fixed Pickup time
  • Allot fees that can either depend on the locations or be the same for all locations
  • Define the distance for each location from the institution
  • Mention the pickup sequence to create a fixed route

Admins can access the pickup point and other details if required. They then activate the policy to confirm the starting of a particular route.

Manage Transport Fees

In CollPoll’s Fees Management module, administrators can:

  • Add new fee plans
  • Activate dynamic fees & select Transport fees
  • Select a policy for each plan
  • Access and edit the defined plans and manage configurations

Track & Manage Route Registrations

For a particular policy, administrators can access route registration for each student. From allotment to particular routes to changing transport status, CollPoll gives admins a wide array of access and privileges.

  • Change status for individual or all students to provisional/confirmed
  • Edit allotment to define pickup point and route for individual students
  • Manage transport data for all students on a single dashboard


Implement CollPoll's Tranportation Management to Optimize the Campus Experience!


Benefits of Using a Transportation Management System

College buses have always been a common and one of the most preferred modes of transportation for students. The module not only makes the work easier for admins but also automates the entire workflow of the institution.

Here are the top benefits of using CollPoll’s Transportation Management System to improve the pick-and-drop experience of students in the institution.

  • Optimized Routing

If students arrive through certain routes, the university/college administration could assign specific routes to each mode of transportation so that they do not have to drive all the way to the city and back to get to the institution. This saves time for both the drivers and the students, allowing the most efficient use of resources.

  • Keeping it on Schedule

One of the most important benefits of college buses is that they arrive on time unlike other means of transportation. Using CollPoll’s transportation management system, administrators can set a fixed pickup time to ensure that students reach the campus in a timely manner.

  • Boost Student Performance

College transport can be very helpful in maintaining regular student attendance and active college performance. The module ensures that students reach the campus on time and don’t miss lectures because of transportation issues.

  • Easier to Manage & Pay Fees

With Transportation Management System linked with CollPoll’s Fee Management, it gets easier for parents to view and pay fees and also simplifies the operations for admins to allot routes and configure student details.

Summing Up!

Nowadays, the ability to drive students safely to the campus while ensuring all campus operations run smoothly is very important. It is thus crucial to implement the right transportation management.

At CollPoll, we understand the importance of transportation for students, parents, and administration. Our Transportation Management System aims to optimize the routes and travel experience while making sure that students reach the institution on time and can pay the fees for the same online.

If you are looking to opt for an easy-to-use, reliable Transportation Management System, for your institution, contact us now!


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