A Day in The Life at CollPoll: Shashank Shekhar Singh, Customer Success Manager

नमस्कार, I am Shashank Shekhar Singh, currently working as a Relationship Manager – North in the Customer Success Team at CollPoll. Erstwhile, I was associated with Mercer|Mettl as Senior Associate in Corporate Operations wherein I used to handle the implementation/operations for our Corporate and Educational clients. Even while working in such a Tech-Enabled organization and having the work- satisfaction at the end of the day, one seeks exponential growth and in the search for the same, I started my hunt for a fast-paced start-up. Luckily I saw CollPoll’s job posting on LinkedIn and decided to give it a try. A day later, I had my first interaction and the journey began!

CollPoll has the exact start-up environment I was expecting. I am loving the way we accommodate so swiftly to our client’s requests and how the team supports and stands with each other, giving us the confidence to face the clients on a tough day.

Here’s how my day goes:

My Daily Morning Routine – I usually wake up at 08:30 AM and being a hardline chai bug, a good cup of tea is what I seek every morning. While sipping my tea, I go through the activities scheduled for the day. Being in the relationship team it is usually unlikely that the day goes as planned, it’s more of ad-hoc tasks. I generally get a bunch of off-the-cuff calls from the clients and the internal team. A lot of coordination is required to make the system function as per the client’s requirements. 

Trust me, I am truly grateful to my teammates, they are everything – supportive, patient, and professional.

Day in the Life

Lunch Time – It has been correctly said, that an army marches on its stomach. I usually try to match my lunchtime with the general lunch hours of clients. Well for food, I don’t demand much. Happy to eat whatever is cooked at home!

Into my Work Schedule – I believe in the saying, “Two heads are better than one”! In the Customer Success Team, we have a recurring call every day. This is a forum where we discuss our tasks for the day, brainstorm new ideas, and share our insights. This activity helps us in – 

  1. Being on the same page 
  2. Look at our problems from a different perspective

Post this call, I start with my day and tend to wrap up the calls as efficiently as possible. Every day comes with new surprises, these could be new client requirements or product enhancements. Hearing the client’s requirement without bias is really important. Every day I attend a few review calls where I touch base with our clients to get a sense of their sentiment for CollPoll that helps me prioritize my activities.

Day in the life
Wrapping up the Work – We close the day with an Internal Relationship Team meeting where our managers discuss different use cases of the clients and processes that we follow. These conversations help us with the growth and planning.

Cool Down Time! – Most of my life has revolved around aviation as I have a special liking for it and had a dream to become a fighter pilot. Therefore, I like to keep myself updated with all the exciting developments happening in the Indian defence. We have defence-related discussions at home. Apart from this, I do enjoy spending time at the billiards table after the working hours.

My Go-to Productivity Trick for Each Day – A few days back, I read a really interesting & inspiring line – “Increase your surface area of luck”. Well, I am already on it!

Well, that’a a typical day for me at CollPoll!

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Keep watching this space for more such stories!

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