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CollPoll is an OS for higher education institutions. Since the education landscape of the country is continuously evolving and houses different kinds of institutions such as private universities, affiliated colleges, autonomous institutions and more, the technology also needs updates and enhancements accordingly.

Thus, to perfectly meet the needs of students, faculty, admin, parents and other key stakeholders of the institutions, CollPoll is excited to introduce the latest updates and launch some new features that will empower these stakeholders.

Let’s dive in to know more!

Student Academic Profile View for Parents

CollPoll: Latest Product Updates

To deliver greater transparency to parents in students’ performance, we have now enabled end-to-end visibility of students’ data. This includes viewing – active term’s attendance, examination results, and information for multiple wards (if more than one ward is enrolled in the same institution).

Detailed Attendance Console for Students

CollPoll: Latest Product Updates

CollPoll’s Academic Management System (AMS) now enable students to view month-wise, course-wise, and overall attendance percentage. Thus, maximizing academic transparency and overall performance. They can now effortlessly view attendance for each lecture, a breakdown view of their leave status such as Present, Absent, Present Late and Medical Leave as well as detailed attendance reports.

Grade Sheet Generation Based on SGPA/CGPA Rule

CollPoll: Latest Product Updates

You can now effectively generate and manage SGPA/CGPA based on SGPA/CGPA Rule for multiple learning pathways such as Major, Minor, Concentration and Specialisation. This helps in aligning students’ performance and tracking data based on your institution’s goals. The feature comes with the flexibility of doing required changes in the E-grade sheet without any extra effort.

Flexibility to Collect Fees in Instalments

CollPoll: Latest Product Updates

To support students in efficiently managing their expenses, we have brought a more convenient way of settling fee payments – Instalments. Now settle payments with ease!

Introducing Attendance Dashboard

CollPoll: Latest Product Updates

Enabling administrators to easily access student reports based on department, course, & programme levels respectively. They can also give department level admin privileges to relevant stakeholders and filter data based on the requirements.

Back page in the Grade Sheet

CollPoll: Latest Product Updates

Bringing in greater visibility and more transparency of grading schema for the controller of examination departments and students of the institution. Now configure back page details and select required grading schemas and save both time & effort!

Class Group Creation Enhancements

CollPoll: Latest Product Updates

Amplify administrative efficiency and promote academic efficacy by class group creation. Programme and course coordinators can now select multiple programmes, batch years, and sections while creating a class and edit or remove the same as per their needs. Boon – sync classes directly with course registration!

Scholarship Plan with Fee Sequencing

CollPoll: Latest Product Updates

Easily manage scholarships for all students irrespective of their course/batch year and enhance finance team efficiency. Additionally, you can configure the Scholarships for all the future years of a student during admissions.

As you work on delivering an excellent digital learning and campus experience in your institution, CollPoll will work to offer products that meet the needs of students and staff while using the latest technology. Keep watching this space for the upcoming updates and features!

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