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In a world where we had great hopes to return to normal, industries witnessed a huge change. The year was indeed filled with ups and downs and amidst the chaos, the education sector saw huge adoption of innovative technologies and grew like never before with extensive digital transformation

At CollPoll, we addressed the complexity and digital compliance of higher education institutions. We accomplished holistic growth in terms of the team, increased product usage, surge in customer signups, funding etc. It was a year when we learned more, grew more, and achieved more in the Edtech SaaS space.

Let’s look back and reflect on how the year 2021 unfolded for us:

Launch of Unified Digital Education Stack for Higher Educational Institutions


CollPoll - Launch of Unified Digital Education Stack for Higher Education


We launched a unified digital education stack for higher education including Meticulous AMS™ (Academic Management System), Classroom LMS (Learning Management System), and Exemplary EMS™ (Examinations Management System) to meet the challenges thrown at the higher education institutions by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Customer Signups: Partnering with Progressive Institutions of the Country


CollPoll: Onboarded Institutions


We partnered with progressive educational institutions of the country such as NIMS University Jaipur, Fortune Institute of International Business, IIHMR Delhi, XIME Bangalore, CV Raman Global University, among others.

Funding: Raising Fresh Capital for the Growth of the Company, Product, and Team


CollPoll: Funds Raised


CollPoll has raised $2.2 Million from Prime Venture Partners to enhance its platform, expedite hiring, and manage critical functions & workflows such as admissions, record management, fee payments, and others.

Team Expansion: Growing the Team Like Never Before


CollPoll - Team Expansion: Growing the Team Like Never Before


With a focus on growing our team and setting significant benchmarks, we crossed the 50 member mark for the first time. The CollPoll family is now 57 members strong and flourishing!

We augmented the CollPoll family with around 16 people joining our Customer Success team and 13 people joining our Engineering team to seek constant growth. Additionally, we made key leadership hires by appointing – Sabari Girish Parampoor as Chief Technology Officer, Kunal Deep as VP of Customer Success, and Parag Diwan on the board of advisors.

Besides this, Growth Function was introduced and our extremely enthusiastic team members were promoted to a bigger role Shivang Abhishek from AVP of Customer Success to Vice President, Growth and Punith as the Director of Engineering.

Platform Usage


CollPoll - Product Usage


2021 was full of adventures at CollPoll – the number of users doubled, user experience scaled up, and more institutions were served to do better digitally. This year we focused on providing a highly enhanced, seamless and varied digital experience to students, faculty and staff.

Integrations and Partnerships


CollPoll - Integrations & Partnerships


The year was full of some advanced enhancements and partnerships with some great organisations. We integrated our product with multiple innovative solutions to help educational institutions run more efficiently, with less human error and a unified communication layer. Throwing light on these integrations:

  • Integrated with Knimbus to provide 100K+ learning resources and a mobile E-library to students and staff.
  • Partnered with Leadsquared to help educational institutions digitize the admission processes.
  • With Eduvanz, we integrated Loan Process to provide students with quick loan options, while settling the Loan Approval with Fee Modules in real-time.
  • Multiple Payment Gateways to collect all kinds of payments – Fees, Dues, Paid events, Shuttle Booking, with an option to add as many gateways of your choice.
  • Partnered with Turnitin, a leading provider of academic integrity and assessment solutions to foster a culture of integrity in online learning.
  • Our Learning Management System was integrated with various video conferencing tools – Microsoft Teams, Google Meet, Zoom to allow faculties to seamlessly conduct online classes on the CollPoll platform.
  • Blending top solutions like Knowlarity to streamline communication between the stakeholders.
  • Integrated our platform with Tally to eliminate all the manual interventions from the accounting processes of the institutions.

Launching Back to Safe Campus Initiative with Amazon Web Services (AWS)


CollPoll - Back to safe campus initiative


In one of the surveys, it’s proven that students are eager to come back to the campus, expecting strong protocols to prevent COVID transmission once they return. Thus, our “Back To Safe Campus” Initiative brings solutions that are easy to implement and ensure everyone’s safety at the campus.

Over 75% of University Students Want to Be Back at Campus for Better Engagement and Connect

With this initiative, CollPoll and AWS aim to leverage technology to help educational institutions across the country become contactless, boost parent confidence, and reduce physical operations  offering a safe and engaging campus experience to everyone.

With an aim to build AI-powered campuses, CollPoll eagerly awaits to digitally transform more educational institutions across the country. 

“We are looking forward to limitless growth and our team is making it possible with great support!”

CollPoll is extremely grateful for the support and guidance it has been receiving from the higher education community. Our hard-working team members have always given their best to continue our mission of empowering educational institutions and moving towards a better tomorrow!

Till we return in 2022 with interesting stories on team, product, customers and culture, CollPoll family wishes you all a very Happy & Prosperous New Year! We hope this year will be a step forward in leading you to new adventures, new roads to explore, and new success to reach!


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